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DJ Set

Live Sound

Northern Wild Productions is pleased to announce that we now offer services in Live Sound Production. If you have a small to medium sized venue and you need high end professional sound equipment with a dedicated sound person, then please get in touch and we can discuss the needs for your venue.

A photo of Northern Wild Productions audio setup
a photo of a NWP live sound gig
close up photo of NWP's sound board
photo of NWP's 15" JBLs
photo of NWP's 15" Mackies
photo of NWP's Sound Board

We have what you need to cover the sound at your next event

* Professional grade speakers (15" @1500w ea), stands, cables

* Multi-Channel PA systems

* Wired and wireless microphone options

*Remote monitoring technology to ensure great sound

* Dedicated sound tech to ensure the sound is always running smoothly

* High quality audio recordings of your event

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